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Mues with Carnic cheese cream
First dish

A delicious dish to keep warm during the cold winter days

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A ½ litre of salted water, a glass of milk, 200 g of yellow corn flour. For the cheese cream: 150 g of salty Carnic cheese, 150 g of extra-aged Carnic cheese, 100 g of hard malga smoked ricotta, a dash of olive oil. For the walnut butter: 100 g of malga butter, a tablespoon of corn flour.

Boil the water and the milk together. Add the corn flour mixing rapidly with a whip until it the mixture thickens. Leave to sauté for about ten minutes. In the meantime melt the various types of cheeses and half of the grated ricotta together in a pan. Add a tablespoon or two of milk if the mixture becomes too thick. In another pan melt the butter, add the flour and let boil until the rue is a nice golden brown. Presentation: place two ladles of mues at the centre of the plate, pour two tablespoons of the creamy cheese mixture on top of it and, on top of that, the browned butter. Grate what is left of the ricotta onto the edges of the plate for decoration and serve hot.